FIVE COMPONENTS – endless options

Every Genesis suite comes equipped with the iLab modular benching system. This unique system minimizes downtime and maximizes flexibility. The 5-component system is pre-plumbed and pre-wired for fast installation and effortless reconfiguration. Add components and rearrange overnight – no permitting required.

Adjustable Height Work Surfaces

Adaptable to an work
environment and constructed
with a welded metal frame to
provide stability to the most
sensitive instruments.

Mobile Cabinets

Combine any number of
cabinets to customize storage.

Adjustable Shelving Unit

Bolts to any adjustable height table to offer 2 or 3 levels of shelving. Half-length units also available.


Service Unit

iLab core component, designed to accommodate up to o7 lab gasses and 12 electrical circuits per unit.

Fume Hoods

Each suite is capable of accommodating various sized fume hoods ranging from 4 to 8 feet.



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